The ROI of Coworking

When coworking truly becomes about balance and community the true value is unlocked. It seems like the fiscally responsible thing to do would be to stay in your home office. Why pay $500 a month for a private office when you have a perfectly good office at home? Surely the extra time you spend doing laundry, and weeding your lawn are helping your bottom line?

All kidding aside the ROI on that $500 can not necessarily be put into an excel spreed sheet. You can’t really put a number on needing a graphic designer and then running into one while grabbing a cup of coffee. There is no way to put a number on the energy felt from being surrounded by other like minded entrepreneurs. If you or your business is new to a community, there is no better networking then surrounding yourself with members of the local business community.

Here at Colorado Workspace we have a very diverse community, app companies, road engineers, web designers, investment bankers, architects, psychologist, massage therapist, audiologist, mortgage brokers, financial advisers,Colorado_Workspace_frontgraphic designers, just to name a few. It is not possible to be around all this talent and not be affected in a positive way.

Positive energy is contagious and that is why we also try to make work play. We have games laying around our coworking area, we are dog friendly, we celebrate free beer Friday every Friday, and regularly celebrate with Yoga and Beats in our community room. Right around noon everyday the guys from Rever (motorcycle app company) start to gather out front for their daily mountain bike/dirt bike rides on our local world class single-track.

If this all sounds to good to be true, its not. We are located in the Dusty Boot, Eagle Ranch. Come by for a tour or work for a day and see what all the buzz is about at Colorado Workspace.

Don’t believe us check out the statistics,

11 Incredible Coworking Statistics

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Grand Opening!

COWS_LobbyThe new Colorado Workspace will be having a Grand Opening Open House on Saturday September 8th starting at 11am. Come check out the new Community Room, private suites and general co-working spaces. We can’t wait to show off what we’ve been working so hard at!