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Colorado Workspace is a modern coworking concept tailored to the mountain lifestyle and geared toward balancing members’ personal and professional lives. Connect your computer, connect your business, connect with professionals, connect with friends, connect with people with shared interests, connect with the community. Whatever your jam, Connect with Lonnie Leto today for more information about co-working at Colorado Workspace.

We offer everything from daily-drop ins to fully private executive spaces for indivduals and small companies. Sign up below!

Eagle Ranch

1099 Capitol St
Eagle, CO 81631

Office 1 – RENTED! $1,300.00
Office 2 – RENTED!$500.00
Office 3 – RENTED!$825.00
Office 4 – RENTED!$825.00
Office 5 – RENTED!$1,300.00
Office 6 – RENTED!$825.00
Office 7 – RENTED!$825.00
Office 8 – RENTED!$825.00
Office 9 – RENTED!$1,700.00
Office 10 – RENTED!$950.00
Office 11 – RENTED!$550.00
Office 12 – RENTED!$450.00
Office 13 – RENTED!$900.00
Office 14 – RENTED!$1,300.00
Office 15 – RENTED!$800.00
Office 16 – RENTED!$650.00
Office 17 – RENTED!$400.00
Office 18 – RENTED!$400.00
Office 19 – RENTED!$400.00
Office 20 – RENTED!$400.00
Office 21 – RENTED!$400.00

To view our membership options, please create an account here, then log in and click “memberships” to view available offices! You can also call or email at 970-926-6226 /

Edwards Corner

56 Edwards Village Boulevard
Edwards CO 81632

Office 206-01 – RENTED!$950.00
Office 206-02 – RENTED!$2,500.00
Office 206-03 – AVAILABLE$2,350.00
Office 206-04 – RENTED!$1,200.00
Office 206-05 – RENTED!$1,200.00
Office 206-06 – AVAILABLE!$1,350.00
Office 206-07- AVAILABLE!$1,000.00
Office 206-08 – RENTED!$900.00
Office 206-09 – AVAILABLE!$1,100.00
Office 206-10 – RENTED!$1,200.00
Office 206-11 – RENTED!$2,850.00

Memberships and Offices in our Edwards Location are not yet bookable online. Please call us at 970-926-6226 or email Remonov at to book.

What they say about us…

Colorado Workspace in Eagle Ranch is so much better than working from my home. No kids or house work to keep me from my career. Plus there’s free Color Coffee!

Jack Newsom

I have to travel a lot to the Vail Valley for work. This is in the perfect location to get all my meetings done. Plus the mountain biking is unreal!

Jessica Smith

This is the best workspace in the Vail Valley. I’ve made so many awesome connections too!

Jane Carter

A few of our valued members